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What Is Solid Color Epoxy?

Epoxy floor coatings are a popular way to improve the function and appearance of concrete floors. Solid color epoxy is one of the most popular epoxies available today. 

This epoxy coating comprises a single color instead of the traditional mix of colors. You can customize it to match any color you want.

Solid-color epoxy floorings help commercial and residential property owners protect high-traffic areas from detrimental weather effects, impact damage, shock, and other issues. 

Read on to learn about solid-color epoxy floorings, and determine if they are right for your needs. 

Understanding Solid Color Epoxy Floorings

Solid color epoxy refers to epoxy resins with only a single solid and non-opaque color finish. These coatings usually consist of:

  • A sub coat 
  • A tinted middle coating
  • A water-resistant topcoat

Most flooring professionals use branded solid color epoxy coatings, such as Epoxy-Shell and Poly-Shell. These brands ensure their customers enjoy years of protection for their concrete surfaces. Contractors can offer at least a ten-year warranty with branded epoxy resins while upholding competitive pricing. 

What Sets Solid Color Epoxy Apart from Other Coatings?

Besides improving the appearance of your concrete surfaces, epoxy with a solid resin color reliably protects against heat, shock, abrasion, and various liquids. Without this protection, the porous concrete absorbs moisture from the air and spills. Humidity and liquid exposure can reduce your floor’s lifespan over time. 

Concrete is also brittle without a protective coating and prone to cracking and breaking. Many flooring companies offer solid-color epoxy floorings with two tinted sub-coat layers. One layer usually has Epoxy-Shell or Poly-Shell primer to ensure the top layers adhere properly to a smooth and even surface. 

The second sub-coat layer is a somewhat thicker epoxy resin, which is slower drying and has a gel-like viscosity due to its 100% solids composition. To achieve your desired finish, you’ll need to mix the two coats with pigment powders or liquid pigments before applying them. Once the two coats cure, you’ll need to apply a sealer to ensure lasting protection.  

Why Many Property Owners Prefer Solid Epoxy Color Floorings

Many residential and commercial property owners choose solid epoxy color floors for their numerous benefits, including the following:

Highly Versatile

You can use this floor coating system on a wide range of surfaces. Some of the most common applications include:

  • Residential interiors
  • Garage floors
  • Night clubs
  • Shop floors
  • Showrooms 
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Loading docks
  • Machine rooms
  • Service areas
  • Restrooms
  • Warehouse floors
  • Production areas
  • Veterinary clinics

Highly Durable

Solid color epoxy is exceptionally durable, thanks to its high-performance epoxy resins. When professionally installed, a solid color epoxy flooring will last decades without cracking or developing other defects.


Epoxy is already one of the most affordable floor coating options, with the potential to deliver maximum return on your investment. A colored floor is one of the cost-effective ways to customize epoxy flooring without comprising durability and other benefits of epoxy coating systems.  


You can choose from a wide range of vibrant colors and textures to create solid color epoxy flooring that complements the style and decor of any space. 


This floor coating system is waterproof and highly resistant to mold, mildew, bacteria growth, and various chemicals. This attribute makes it an excellent option for medical facilities and commercial kitchens prone to dampness due to constant cleaning. 

Quick Installation

Solid color epoxy flooring is quick and easy to install compared to other options. It has relatively shorter processing times and cures faster than casting resin. An experienced technician can complete your solid color epoxy installation within a day. 

Low Maintenance

Solid color epoxy flooring is a low-maintenance, hassle-free option, making it easy to maintain your floors. Whether using a vacuum cleaner or a mop, you will appreciate how easy it is to keep your floors looking clean and fresh. 

Choose Southeast Floor Maintenance for High-Quality Epoxy Floor Coatings in Mecklenburg County

Now that you better understand solid color epoxy, choose a reputable professional to get the best results from your floor coating project. 

Southeast Floor Maintenance is the go-to contractor for high-quality floor coating systems in Mecklenburg County, NC. We offer polyurea concrete coatings with polyaspartic topcoats to ensure maximum protection for your concrete surfaces during the winter. We also do epoxy bases with polyaspartic topcoats for other seasons. 

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