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Transform Your Space with a Polished Concrete Finish

Concrete polishing creates a beautiful, durable surface that is popular in residential, industrial, and commercial settings. In this post, the Southeast Floor Maintenance team explains more about the benefits of polishing concrete floors.

Where Can You Use Polished Concrete?

You can choose this floor polishing technique on interior or exterior concrete surfaces. We have seen people use it in small commercial kitchens, manufacturing plants, and even driveways.

The polishing process renders the concrete almost impermeable and much stronger thanks to the resin-bonded hardeners we add during preparation. The surface can handle significant foot traffic, is easy to clean, and retains a glossy shine. It is a high-end finish at a reasonable price.

Isn’t the Look Boring?

Concrete polishing can look different depending on the technique we use. Here are some examples of the different outcomes you might expect.

Salt and Pepper

Diamond tooling here highlights the minor color shifts in any concrete surface. This is the simplest technique, but it is impactful due to the depth of color. You may further vary the look by adding a concrete stain.

Due to the different aggregates within the concrete, the stain will look different in separate areas, giving a pleasing speckled look.

The look helps to conceal small imperfections in the floor and makes dirt less obvious.


Cream polishing is the premier service when it comes to concrete polishing in Charlotte. Here we use a combination of wet polishing and polishing pads to achieve the highest degree of smoothness.

The floor turns out even in color and will accept more types of stains and dyes. If you wish to achieve the maximum amount of impact, this is the option for you.


This form of concrete polishing is the most cost-effective. While the finish is not quite as refined as with the other two, the floor still looks incredible and is durable. It is an ideal look for a large indoor or outdoor space.

The Benefits of Polished Concrete

There are several reasons to opt for this technique above others. The process entails several rounds during which we grind concrete, so it takes slightly longer than a standard floor coating. However, the end result is well worth the additional effort.


Concrete polishing results in a surface that looks and feels much like stone. However, it comes at a fraction of the cost. Laying linoleum or carpeting is less expensive upfront but more expensive when it comes to cleaning and upkeep.

If you factor in the lifespan of this finish, the minimal cleaning requirements, and low maintenance costs, polishing concrete makes more financial sense.


Unsealed concrete sheds dust and chips easily. The hardeners we add during the polishing process solve both issues. While it is still possible to scratch or scuff the surface, it takes a fair amount of pressure.

The hardeners make the concrete better able to resist high pressure from heavy equipment and much foot traffic.


One downside of concrete is how porous it is in its unsealed state. Polishing solves this issue in a few ways:

  • Using ever-fine grit sandpaper makes the pores smaller, resulting in them almost closing completely.
  • The hardener is a resinous substance that flows into even the tiniest space, sealing the pores effectively.
  • Finally, we finish with a sealant that makes it impossible for liquids to reach the substrate.

The combination of all of these factors renders your concrete impermeable to liquids. Therefore, spills don’t have a chance to soak deep into the concrete and stain it.

Easy to Clean

One thing that always amazes clients is how easy it is to clean these surfaces. Even messy, greasy spills are no match for the finish. Your cleaning routine is normally quite simple:

  • Sweep with a dry mop or soft-bristled broom to remove grit daily. These particles can damage the surface over time as they are abrasive.
  • Clean at least once a week with a clean mop and water. You don’t usually need to add detergent.
  • If you need a cleaning agent, use one that is neutral and will lift the particles. Work in small areas so that you can wipe it off before it dries.
  • Spot clean spills immediately if possible.

Low Maintenance

Your primary maintenance task is weekly buffing using a dry mop to restore the shine. Aside from that, you may need a thorough buffing using pro equipment once every year or two.


You can easily transform the look of the concrete by adding dyes or stains. You can even add extra depth of color by choosing a pigmented top coat. Speak to our team about all of your design options.


Polished concrete has a high-end look that won’t stain or mark easily. It will work with many decor styles, and it is easy to change the feel with a few area rugs. Contrary to popular belief, concrete can have excellent light-reflecting properties, resulting in a brighter space.

Environmentally Friendly

If you think back to the last time you tiled a surface or laid a carpet, how long did it take for the smell to clear? It would have been days or weeks due to the high VOC content of the glues. Concrete polishing results in minimal VOCs.

Concrete Polishing in Charlotte

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