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Concrete polishing is an excellent way to create a high-end finish that is both durable and beautiful. It protects the concrete and makes it easier to maintain. It is useful to put the finishing touches on everything from a concrete countertop to a warehouse floor.

However, to achieve lasting results, you need to hire a professional. In this post, the Southeast Floor Maintenance team explains why you should hire a professional rather than attempting this project yourself.

Concrete Polishing Is Complicated

Dry polishing seems like a simple task at the outset, but getting even results is challenging. While there are many tutorials online, none can prepare you for the effort that goes into concrete polishing.

Our team rescues many projects enthusiastically begun by DIY enthusiasts who are unhappy with the results they obtain. Sometimes, however, the best advice we can give is to lay a new slab. While we can deal with minor imperfections and scuffing, extensive gouging and cracking may leave the concrete unstable.

It makes sense to hand this task over to professionals. You can grind the concrete several times before applying the hardener and then continue to grind it with successively finer grits to achieve the high-gloss effect. However, it takes hours of work before you can attempt the final polishing, assuming that the previous layers work well.

Don’t you deserve to spend your time more productively? We’re sure you can find hundreds of other important things to do.

Why Trust a Professional

Saves Time and Money

You might be able to hire the equipment you need at a reasonable price. If not, buying it is expensive and probably not worth it if you work out its cost per use. However, that’s only part of the reason to leave the work to the pros.

The primary reason is that you are looking at hours of back-breaking effort. Even with power tools, completing each pass is time-consuming. If you’re working on your garage floor in your spare time, it can take weeks of work. In the meantime, you have nowhere to park your car and store your things.

Even if you can dedicate a week to the process, you’ll soon think of better ways to spend your time. Professionals complete the job more quickly because they know what to do and work with top-quality equipment.

Some DIY projects save you money, but this one could cost a fair amount. You could end up removing too much concrete or gouging the surface. To repair that, you might have to lay a new slab.


While concrete polishing seems simple on paper, there is much that can go wrong. Say, for example, that you mix the polyurea incorrectly, and it doesn’t set. What happens if you accidentally use the tools during the process or if the floor cracks?

Getting an even flooring surface requires intimate knowledge of the materials with which you work. Professionals have experience with several flooring materials and know how to identify different concrete formulations, ensuring they look their best.

Professionals deal with this kind of project on a daily basis, so they are highly efficient. They understand how to recover from a minor setback and still get the results you desire.


To ensure a flawless finish, you must complete several steps. For professionals who do this every day, these steps are automatic. For a beginner, it’s easy to miss a crucial phase or to skimp during preparation.

While this may not seem extremely important at the time, pros know that every small mistake adds up. That is why they are so careful in creating a sustainable workflow. We have the tools and know-how to complete your project quickly and efficiently every time.

Also, we follow the correct safety procedures to ensure your project goes off without a hitch.

Cost Effective

While concrete polishing is an investment, it is a worthwhile one. Carpets and tiles require regular cleaning to look their best. Linoleum lifts over time and looks ragged, while timber floors fare better but require refinishing every few years.

Concrete polishing, when performed by professionals, is highly cost-effective going forward. It is easy to clean, allowing you to save money on detergent. It requires the occasional polishing to restore the shine but no other maintenance.

The hardeners we apply to the concrete prevent it from shedding dust and make it resistant to chipping and scratching. The overall effect is a floor that is as hard as nails but far more lovely to look at.

It is challenging to find any flooring solution that ticks as many boxes as concrete polishing.

Reliable Results

With our experience in the industry, we have no qualms about offering industry-leading guarantees. We offer a lifetime warranty on our residential garage floors and a 10-year warranty on commercial flooring.

What makes our approach unique is that we coat the concrete in a polyurea base and a polyaspartic topcoat. The combination makes for an impermeable floor that will withstand hard knocks for many years to come.

We are confident in offering our 100% satisfaction guarantee because we know how to achieve high-quality results. Our team consistently wows our clients.

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