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How To Waterproof Concrete for Your Commercial or Industrial Facilities: Commercial Coatings

The strength of water is remarkable. Over time, water will wear down any structure just as it can carve canyons. However, for human-built structures, the structural issues that unchecked water can cause can be catastrophic. While we consider water from floods and storms to be its most dangerous form, most people don’t consider how pernicious water can be even when it’s softly and quietly doing its damage. That’s why waterproofing is so essential, especially for concrete floors.

If you have commercial concrete floors, be sure to protect them from water damage. Without protection, moisture will allow mold to grow, which may cause health problems for people living or working in the building.

The solution? Commercial coatings of concrete floors offer professional, long-lasting waterproofing. Below, our team at Southeast Floor Maintenance of Charlotte, NC, provides a few coating solutions that will add a layer of security to your commercial or industrial facilities.

Rubberized Sheets

Rubberized sheets are some of the most straightforward waterproofing materials to use. They come with an attached adhesive on the back so you can easily apply them to a surface as needed. In a uniform size, these sheets are convenient and provide even coverage. However, rubberized sheets require precise installation to be fully waterproof.

Keep in mind that rubberized sheets with adhesive backing are often less cost-effective than other waterproofing options.

Crystalline Slurry Compound

If you’re not familiar with crystalline slurry compounds, this form of sealant forms crystal structures that fill any gaps in the concrete foundation. Even if water does touch the compound, the crystals will activate and seal off the area. This compound, which works on both new and old concrete foundations, is durable and provides an extra layer of security against damage.

Liquid Waterproofing Solution

Liquid waterproofing options are some of the most effective solutions to ensure that a foundation can keep water out. A gel coating works on clean cement that has had time to settle. Cleanliness is essential since unclean floors will not allow the solution to settle correctly.

While liquid or gel coating is an effective waterproofing option, applying this solution requires expertise and specialized tools. However, trained professionals can utilize this solution to great effect, making it one of the best choices for waterproofing foundations.

Bentonite Sheets

Bentonite sheets are similar to cardboard in their structure and contain clay between their layers to create a waterproof seal. While this waterproofing solution isn’t as popular as many other choices, it still does a decent job of waterproofing concrete. Ironically, these sheets aren’t waterproof until they get wet. Once the sheets come into contact with water, the clay soaks it up and expands, stopping water from damaging the foundation.

Because it doesn’t provide a constant seal, Bentonite is not as popular as other waterproofing methods.

Cementitious Waterproofing

Cementitious waterproofing involves using plaster or mortar to shore up any cracks or protrusions and keep water from settling. Utilizing this coating system is a simple and effective way to waterproof problematic areas around foundations. However, this waterproofing method is not very adaptable. When it gets colder or warmer, this material cannot expand properly and will likely form cracks itself over time. As long as you aren’t concerned with upkeep, cementitious waterproofing can be a viable option for waterproofing a foundation.

Epoxy Commercial Coatings

Epoxy is one of the most efficient and versatile methods for waterproofing all manner of foundations. Epoxy coatings utilize a polyurea base and a polyaspartic top coating, which provides the concrete foundation with a comprehensive waterproof seal.

Epoxy coatings are the best way to waterproof concrete while providing a durable coating. For any high-traffic areas, the epoxy coating will hold up exceptionally well. For customization, epoxy is second-to-none, too. Epoxy features a wide variety of color and texture options that let you get what you want from a floor.

Installing epoxy flooring does need to involve a professional commercial coatings installer, however, as it is an involved process that requires specific tools and experience.

Commercial Coatings in Mecklenburg County, NC, and Surrounding Areas

Using a concrete foundation that doesn’t have a dedicated waterproofing solution is asking for trouble. While it may work fine for some time, eventually, the bill will come due—and you’ll have to undertake massive and expensive fixes.

If you want to stay one step ahead of Mother Nature, our team at Southeast Floor Maintenance is here to help as the best company for commercial coatings in Mecklenburg County, NC. We provide a 10-year warranty on commercial waterproof coating systems.

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