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Garage floors take a beating from constant traffic, wear and tear, and exposure to the elements, resulting in damage that turns these rooms into unsightly spaces. However, there is a solution to your garage floor problems or concrete surface issues, and that is a polyurea coating. This fantastic substitute to epoxy garage floor coating will transform your garage floor into a surface you can be confident in.

A significant benefit of using polyurea coating is it is four times more durable than epoxy. When you contact Southeast Floor Maintenance in Davidson, NC, our team of industry experts will provide the most durable surface that stands up to the potential damage these floors experience from constant traffic. In addition, we guarantee all of our coating applications with a 50-year warranty!

Our certified and trained technicians can complete your subsequent polyurea garage coating in a single day. However, clients should expect six to eight days for these surfaces to cure.

Our services include:

Southeast Floor Maintenance has been providing flooring solutions to businesses and homeowners in the Mecklenburg County area for years.

Improved Garage Floor Coating Superior to Epoxy for Your Home or Business

Adding an epoxy-like garage floor coating such as polyurea not only provides an improved aesthetic and durability to your garage, but it adds value to your home or business as well! Polyurea provides additional benefits epoxy cannot, such as:

Damage Resistant

When you add a polyurea coating to your garage floor, you give it the durability to withstand all of the elements that cause harm. Even under the weight of multiple vehicles, polyurea surfaces will not peel, crack, or chip as epoxy surfaces sometimes do. This means you can say goodbye to those unsightly blemishes that garage floors acquire over time.

Non-Slip Surface

Most floor coatings become slick when wet. However, unlike epoxy, polyurea coatings have a non-slip grip that prevents dangerous slips and falls, protecting you, your family, or your customers from injury.

Low Maintenance

Garage floors get exposed to many chemicals that can cause damage to these surfaces. Whether it is oil, brake fluid, or antifreeze, cleaning these chemicals is a difficult task. However, unlike epoxy floors that require special cleaning chemicals, polyurea floor coatings only need soap and water – a great benefit for customers since cleaning chemicals for epoxy floor coating is an additional expense.

Aesthetically Appealing

Most concrete flooring is drab and unappealing. However, our better than epoxy polyurea coatings come in many colors and vinyl flake options that give your garage floor a professional-level quality that will make you the talk of your neighborhood.

Polyurea Vs. Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

While using epoxy floor coatings is still an improvement from traditional concrete flooring, it is no substitute for polyurea floor coatings. Polyurea is four times more durable than epoxy and moisture and chemically resistant, making it the high-end surface your garage needs. In addition to these advantages, polyurea coatings cure much faster than standard epoxy or polyurethane floor coating.

Polyurea coating is not only much more durable than epoxy, but it also offers significantly more flexibility despite its thickness. However, this thickness does not equate to rigidity, as polyurea coatings provide 98% more flexibility than traditional epoxy. Additionally, polyurea has a 300% increase in elasticity over epoxy that prevents damage due to expansion or impact.

Polyurea floor coatings are also completely UV protective. This means that, unlike other garage epoxy, polyurea surfaces will not turn yellow due to exposure to sunlight. This durable surface not only boasts protection against UV light but also provides extra protection from germs and diseases. The composition contains antimicrobial material that will protect your family or clients from hazardous health risks.

We Offer a Wide Array of Color and Flake Designs to Choose From

We are proud to provide our customers with a unique variety of colors and designs for their next polyurea garage floor project. These styles include:

  • Tidal wave
  • Smoke
  • Slatestone
  • Sandstone
  • Pecan
  • Pebble Beach
  • Mount Everest
  • Mediterranean
  • Driftwood
  • Domino
  • Cordwood
  • Aztec Beige

With our various choices, we can create polyurea flooring tailored to your needs. Our team of industry experts has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the design, texture, and color that turns your garage floor paint into a showroom-level quality.

We Handle the Whole Project from Start to Finish

With Southeast Floor Maintenance in Davidson, NC, you will receive premier quality polyurea coating in addition to unmatched customer service that has made us the top garage floor coating company in the region. We take care of each step of the project, including:

Prep Work

We prep the surface for its new coating by shot blasting or diamond grinding, ensuring to limit the amount of dust in the surrounding areas. Then, we smooth and level out the surface with menders and fillers.


The next step is to add a Polyurea base coating that creates a durable foundation. Next, we cast the chips to create the desired texture and color for the job. Finally, we vacuum and scrape any standing flakes to create a seamless and smooth surface.

Clear Coating

After we complete the installation portion of the project, we add the UV stable polyaspartic polyurea clear topcoat to seal the new flooring and complete the project.

Our professional flooring contractors use a distinctive combination of textural and design elements to create a design that matches your interior décor and personal or corporate style.

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We provide high-quality and affordable epoxy, polyurea, and polyaspartic coating services in Davidson, NC and the surrounding areas, including:

For more information about the areas we serve, or to find out if we serve your area, call our friendly customer service team today.


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With extensive knowledge and experience, our team of industry leaders provides:

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  • The best garage epoxy in the area

With our 50-year guarantee and dedication to providing the pinnacle of customer service, our customers know that when they choose Southeast Floor Maintenance, they are getting the best in the business.

So don’t delay! Contact Southeast Floor Maintenance in Davidson, NC, for your next garage floor coating project at (704) 932-1122 today!


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