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Best Concrete Coatings in Concord, NC

Contact our garage coating professionals at Southeast Floor Maintenance in Concord, NC, for the best garage floor coating today!

Our garages are often forgotten spaces that endure constant abuse due to exposure to the elements, vehicle weight and oil leaks, and constant foot traffic. When left untreated, these spaces can suffer cracks, stains, and fading, turning them into unattractive areas. However, there is a solution to your deteriorating garage floor – a new polyurea coating.

A substantial attribute of polyurea coating is its durability. Being four times stronger than epoxy, this surface can withstand the most intense abuse a garage floor can take. When you contact Southeast Floor Maintenance in Concord, NC, our team of industry professionals will transform your garage into a beautiful and functional space that we know you will love.

While the project of coating your garage with this polyurea coating only takes a single day, it is important to remember that the curing process can take six to eight days. However, once it is cured, the surface has a 50-year warranty!

Our services include:

Southeast Floor Maintenance has been providing flooring solutions to businesses and homeowners in the Mecklenburg County area for years.

Superior to Epoxy Garage Floor Coating for Your Home or Business

When you apply an epoxy coating for concrete surfaces, you are improving the durability of the original floor, but not as well as you could. Using polyurea coating provides additional protection for your garage floor or commercial coating that epoxy cannot. In addition to the extra protection, these concrete coatings increase the value of your home, which is an added benefit all homeowners love!

Damage Resistant

When you add a polyaspartic coating to your concrete floor, it becomes an extremely durable surface. Whether it is constant traffic from feet and automobiles, chemical spills, or exposure to the elements, these coatings can improve and protect these surfaces from potential damage.

Non-Slip Surface

Bare concrete becomes slick when water and other viscous materials lie on the surface. However, epoxy surfaces have a slip-resistant texture that protects those who walk on them. Not only is this a benefit for garages, but it works exceptionally well for commercial kitchen floor coatings as well.

Low Maintenance

Concrete floors can sustain substantial damage from oil, antifreeze, and other chemicals from automobiles and other gasoline-powered equipment. While cleaning these surfaces usually requires expensive chemicals, epoxy floors only need soap and water to clean, making it easy for homeowners to maintain their new concrete surface.

Improve the Look of the Flooring

Concrete flooring is generally gray and bland, but professional epoxy concrete coatings come in many colors, textures, and designs, allowing customers to create a beautiful palette for their flooring. These options will turn your garage from a drab room into an exciting and visually pleasing space.

We Offer a Wide Variety of Colors and Flake Designs

Our warehouse has various flake designs, textures, and color options to fit any style. Our polyurea coating options include:

  • Tidal wave
  • Smoke
  • Slatestone
  • Sandstone
  • Pecan
  • Pebble Beach
  • Mount Everest
  • Mediterranean
  • Driftwood
  • Domino
  • Cordwood
  • Aztec Beige

With these options for your next concrete coating project, Southeast Floor Maintenance in Concord, NC, can turn any space into a professional showroom level quality.  Our team of industry experts has the experience, equipment, and expertise to give you the concrete floor coating you’ve been dreaming of.

Polyurea Vs. Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

General epoxy is an improvement over traditional concrete flooring, but it is not the highest quality option. For that level of protection, you need polyurea flooring. This concrete coating boasts a durability level four times that of epoxy, making this the top-of-the-line garage floor coating. It also cures much faster than epoxy, limiting downtime for homeowners and businesses.

While polyurea coating for concrete surfaces offers much more durability, it has the additional benefit of being flexible despite its strength. Polyurea has a 300% increase in its elastic ability over standard epoxy, giving it an unprecedented ability to withstand weight and temperature fluctuations.

Another benefit of polyurea coating is its resistance to damage caused by ultraviolet light. Epoxy concrete coating tends to turn yellow after extended exposure to sunlight, whereas polyurea coatings remain their original color due to their UV-resistant properties. Polyurea surfaces also have resistance to germs and biohazards, protecting your family or customers from potential health risks.

Where We Service

We provide high-quality and affordable epoxy, polyurea, and polyaspartic coating services in Concord, NC and the surrounding areas, including:

For more information about the areas we serve, or to find out if we serve your area, call our friendly customer service team today.

We Take Care of the Whole Project, from Start to Finish

Not only do the professionals at Southeast Floor Maintenance in Concord, NC, provide the highest quality polyurea concrete and patio coatings, but we also strive to give our clients the highest level of customer service in the business. These attributes make us the premier flooring company in the region. We follow the same steps for every project, which include:

Prep Work

Our team preps the surface that requires coating by shot blasting and diamond grinding the floor to give it a smooth surface.


We follow this step by applying a Polyurea base coating to give the surface durability. Next, we create the desired texture and color by hand casting the chips, followed by scraping and vacuuming any chips fragments to create a smooth surface.

Clear Coating

Finally, we apply a UV resistant polyaspartic polyurea clear coat to seal the new flooring.

Our professional flooring contractors use a distinctive combination of textural and design elements to create a design that matches your interior décor and personal or corporate style.


Allow our variety of services do a makeover to your floor 

Our skilled team of technicians provides our customers:

  • The highest-quality craftsmanship for garage floor paint
  • Concrete floor paint
  • Epoxy floor paint
  • Metallic epoxy floor
  • The highest quality garage epoxy in the area.

With our warehouse of color, texture, and vinyl chip options, superior craftsmanship, and dedication to providing the best customer service, Southeast Floor Maintenance in Concord, NC, is the one to call for your next concrete coating project. We have the concrete sealer and asphalt driveway sealer to make any surface look new again.

So don’t delay! Contact Southeast Floor Maintenance in Concord, NC, for your next epoxy garage floor coating job at (704) 741-9912 today!Allow our variety of services do a makeover to your floor


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