Types of Commercial Coatings and Their Uses

Types of Commercial Coatings and Their Uses

Commercial coatings protect various products and surfaces from corrosion, wear and tear, water, fire, decay, UV light, and much more. These coatings also give the coated surface or product a colorful and aesthetic appearance. Whether you use your commercial space for storage, manufacturing, distribution, or other commercial applications, you’ll find commercial coatings for virtually every […]

Is It Safe to Coat Your Garage Floors in the Winter?

Is It Safe To Coat Your Garage Floors In The Winter?

Garage floors can take a beating in the winter. If you park your car inside the garage, the ice and road salt on your car can end up in your garage. So, is it safe to coat your garage floor in the winter? While applying a garage floor coat in the winter is generally safe, […]

Everything You Need to Know About Quartz Flooring

Choosing the right flooring for your home or business can prove challenging. With so many options, how do you know the flooring you select will look and function the way you want? Quartz flooring is an excellent solution for anyone looking to add style and durability to their concrete floors. Quartz remains one of the […]

Why Is Polyurea the Best of the Coatings for Garage Floors

Why Is Polyurea the Best of the Coatings for Garage Floors

Polyurea garage floors and coating systems are a newer flooring option with more improvements over epoxy. They are more durable, feature a shorter curing time, and you can install them at any time of the year. With a polyaspartic top coat, epoxy and polyurea match up pretty well. However, if your budget stretches further, we […]

Follow These Tips To Maintain Your Concrete Garage Flooring

Follow These Tips To Maintain Your Concrete Garage Flooring

Tips for garage maintenance extend the lifespan of your concrete garage floor. Read on to learn more about this interesting topic from the experts at Southeast Floor Maintenance. How Often Is Maintenance Necessary? That depends on whether or not you coated the floor. An epoxy coating reduces the need for maintenance as it makes the […]

Get Your Cracked Concrete Floors Repaired Before It’s Too Late

Get Your Cracked Concrete Floors Repaired Before Its Too Late

If you have cracked concrete floors, you must fix them as soon as possible. A hairline fracture is a minor imperfection that seems harmless but can quickly spread. Water will work its way into the crack, deepening and widening it, eventually destabilizing the slab. Causes of Cracking Cracking is natural with concrete. As the water […]

Safety Concrete Engravings For Your Commercial Spaces

Safety Concrete Engravings For Your Commercial Spaces

Safety engravings for concrete floors are like traditional signage that’s more prominent, more colorful, and allows creativity. Property owners with commercial concrete spaces can install safety engravings for their business that communicate vehicle traffic rules, direction and exit signs, behavioral expectations, and dozens more items that people would likely miss on small, standard signs. At […]

Garage Floor Coatings vs. Garage Floor Coverings

Garage Floor Coatings

Your garage is one of the places with the most traffic in your home. Furthermore, it is also one of the places in your home that can get the worse damage. So, protecting your garage properly is an essential task that you may be considering. You can coat a garage floor with various materials to […]

How To Care For Your Concrete Floor Coatings

Concrete Floor Coatings

If you have concrete floor coatings in your home, it is important to take care of them properly to ensure that they last for many years. In this blog post, we will discuss the best ways to care for your floor coatings so that they look great and remain protected from damage. Follow these simple […]

Top 5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Applying Concrete Flooring

Concrete Flooring

Are you in the market for a new flooring option? If so, concrete flooring may be a great choice for you. This type of flooring is durable, low-maintenance, and stylish. However, people often make a few mistakes when applying concrete flooring. When applying concrete flooring, it is crucial to take the necessary steps in preparation, […]