Polished Concrete Floors vs. Traditional Flooring: Which Is Right for You?

Polished Concrete Floors vs. Traditional Flooring: Which is Right for You?

When it comes to property improvement projects, having full possession of the facts can help guarantee their success. Flooring might seem like a minor decision, but it plays a major part in setting the tone of any room. More and more homes and businesses now choose concrete polishing as an alternative to traditional flooring materials. […]

The Best Polished Concrete Floors for a Durable and Low-Maintenance Finish

The Best Polished Concrete Floors for a Durable and Low-Maintenance Finish

Some form of concrete has seen use in construction for a large part of human civilization, but it was almost always drab. Recently, we’ve discovered how to beautify concrete flooring with concrete polishing to create an affordable floor that looks on par with more expensive options. Polished or ground concrete floors add an exquisite look […]

3 Ways to Revamp Your Concrete Patio

3 Ways to Revamp Your Concrete Patio

Many homeowners install concrete patios because of their cost-effectiveness, longevity, and durability. However, there’s no denying that concrete isn’t the most visually attractive. Adding patio coatings in Charlotte and other methods can significantly boost your outdoor space. Below, we explore three ways to revamp your concrete patio. 1. Add Color, Gloss, and Other Creative Touches […]

Best Level-up: 2023 Best Garage Floorings

Best Levelup: 2023 Best Garage Floorings

Many homeowners use their garages for multiple purposes, from parking their car to DIY projects. No matter what you use it for, the right garage floor coatings in Charlotte can protect this space from problems like chemical spills. However, finding the best garage concrete coatings for 2023 can be laborious. This guide explores the best […]

How to Prevent Moisture Problems for Your Concrete Flooring Projects

How to Prevent Moisture Problems for Your Concrete Flooring Projects

Residents and business owners choose concrete for their flooring projects due to its durability. Installing concrete is also cost-effective, even when adding commercial coatings. In addition, you can also choose from numerous color schemes, designs, and patterns. However, despite concrete’s many advantages, issues like damage from UV rays and moisture can occur. While these issues […]

Is Metallic Epoxy Floor Good?

Is metallic epoxy floor good?

Many Mecklenburg County residents are looking for efficient ways to protect their floors without hindering their visual appeal. One of the best ways to do so is to install high-quality metallic epoxy floor coatings over your concrete floors. However, many home and business owners don’t understand what metallic epoxy floors are or the benefits they […]

How To Prep Your Garage Floor for Winter

How to Prep Your Garage Floor for Winter

Although concrete is durable, it’s far from waterproof, so this type of flooring requires extra care to protect it from the elements. Unchecked water can lead to substantial, permanent damage to the structural integrity of a foundation, so protecting it is essential. Most notably, waterproofing is essential to prepare for the winter months. Winter put […]

Is an Epoxy Floor Good for a Commercial Kitchen?

s an epoxy floor good for a commercial kitchen?

Floor options for kitchens are nearly endless, and you must weigh many factors when choosing the right flooring for your commercial kitchen. One increasingly popular option is epoxy flooring. This flooring system is durable, visually appealing, and can withstand the rigors of a busy workplace.  However, is it the best choice for your business? A […]

What Is Solid Color Epoxy?

What is solid color epoxy?

Epoxy floor coatings are a popular way to improve the function and appearance of concrete floors. Solid color epoxy is one of the most popular epoxies available today.  This epoxy coating comprises a single color instead of the traditional mix of colors. You can customize it to match any color you want. Solid-color epoxy floorings […]