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3 Ways to Revamp Your Concrete Patio

Many homeowners install concrete patios because of their cost-effectiveness, longevity, and durability. However, there’s no denying that concrete isn’t the most visually attractive.

Adding patio coatings in Charlotte and other methods can significantly boost your outdoor space. Below, we explore three ways to revamp your concrete patio.

1. Add Color, Gloss, and Other Creative Touches

One of the homeowners’ main complaints regarding concrete patios is that they’re not as attractive looking as other materials. However, today many options exist for adding new life to your outdoor patio.

The first way to create a new look is by adding color to your outdoor space. Many homeowners experiment with paint, but patio coatings like polyaspartic or epoxy coating are better options.

Pairing patio coatings with staining means creating a more natural color that doesn’t easily fade, flake, or peel. Both water and acid-based stains exist, available in various color hues and tones. You can even use a multitude of shades to create intriguing contrasts.

For some homeowners, solid colors are enough. However, you can choose to experiment further by creating patterns. For example, you can create attractive diamond configurations to impress your guests at your next barbeque.

To add the finishing touches to your patio, end with a beautiful gloss. A finishing gloss will make your patio shimmer and shine, making your space look elegant and new.

Besides looking nice, a finishing gloss will also protect your concrete surface from issues like:

  • UV rays
  • Rain
  • Abrasion
  • Fading
  • Scratches
  • Snow

Gloss and sealers come in many forms, and before deciding which one is right for your patio, it’s better to speak with the professionals. Our Southeast Floor Maintenance team can help you choose the sealer perfect for your deck—visually and functionally.

2. Repair Any Existing Damage

While concrete makes for a durable patio, minor damage can still occur. Common issues concrete can suffer from include the following:

  • Cracks
  • Fading
  • Spalling
  • Holes
  • Scaling and more

Proper patio coatings can minimize or prevent these issues from happening. However, if you have a concrete surface without any protection, it’s better to resolve these problems before applying protective patio coatings.

The solutions for your concrete patio can vary depending on the damage you have and its severity. For example, a repair team may just need to seal up a few minor concrete cracks.

However, severe or repeated cracking or splitting may require adding expansion joints or resurfacing your patio. The right team can recommend affordable repair options that make the most sense for your patio’s needs and budget.

3. Add Creative Touches to Your Space

To many, the patio is a living room outside, perfect for lounging around on those pleasant summer days. Whether you’re planning to entertain family and friends or want your own living space away from the indoors, you can add many creative touches.

Your first objective should be to build or revamp your concrete patio with the rest of your space in mind.

Choose colors and patterns that blend seamlessly with the rest of your outdoor space or add powerful contrasts. The right team can help you choose designs that consider the rest of your area.

Once you’ve established the main design, colors, patterns, or themes you want, you can start adding extra features. For example, one small detail you can add is a gorgeous outdoor rug.

Guests’ eyes will instantly go to your gorgeous new outdoor rug. You can further enhance your space by adding outdoor furniture in various styles. Whether you want a rustic or more modern space, you have numerous available options.

Besides adding more life, outdoor furniture also serves functional purposes.

Homeowners with a tight budget can add an outdoor rug and furniture relatively cheaply. However, if you have a bigger budget, you can include extravagant touches like fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, gazebos, and water features like fish ponds.

Another way to add more life while on a tight budget is by adding plants and outdoor lighting.

Outdoor lighting will have your patio shining at night, while plants and flowers can add more color and create fresher air. Of course, these additional features should always come after your patio coatings. 

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Many homeowners use their patios for entertainment and relaxation. Besides boosting a patio’s visual appeal, the proper patio coatings will also increase your space’s durability against issues like cracks or harmful UV rays.

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